Office Hours for Educators

Take command of your workflow!

This spring and summer, I am offering support to help fellow music educators navigate our new socially distant world. Perhaps you have a new skill you want to learn more about. Perhaps you want to be pointed in the right direction in terms of skills / tech you need to move your work online. Or perhaps you are looking for a partner to handle the tech for you. Whatever your needs, I can develop an individualized plan that meets your needs! 

People have been asking me about the following:

  • “I want to create a virtual choir / band / orchestra.”
  • “I could use a crash course in audio / video production.”
  • “What do I need to start a podcast?”
  • “How can I develop curriculum for a virtual music classroom?”

Tim Peck Education is here to help! With 14 years in music education and a deep understanding of audio and video production techniques and platforms, I can break down these specialized disciplines in a way that make them accessible for anyone. With experience in live sound production, video production, Final Cut, Logic Pro, iMovie, Garageband, Ableton, Sibelius, Finale, and G Suite for Education, I am well positioned to help you realize your goals with your students. I can also be a ghost producer on your project, handling the backend of creating your virtual choir or music ensemble.

Get in touch at to start developing your personalized consulting program!